Experiencing a clay climate

BAU 2017

Enjoy the freshness of nature in your own four walls

BAU 2017

Incomparably pleasant room climate due to clay

Clay is a high-performance and cost-effective building material that is above all healthy for the home at the same time. With exceptional characteristics: it is breathable, moisture regulating, heat insulating, absorbs harmful substances, sound insulating, energy saving, healthy for the home … What is most interesting of all is its effect on the room climate. You feel the incomparable pleasant clay climate immediately upon entering a clay house.

LEMIX® clay building boards

LEMIX® clay building boards are the most modern and effective way of enjoying the benefits of a clay climate. They combine the easy handling, industrial precision and short construction times of drywall constructions with the outstanding room climate characteristics of clay as a natural construction material in a solid, highly effective form.

Pleasant & healthy

LEMIX® clay building boards neutralize air pollutants and absorb odors. They regulate the air humidity and are immune to mold, so they provide an outstanding room climate.

Warm in winter,
cool in summer

With its very high heat storage capacity, Lemix is able to create an incomparable room climate and also contribute to the optimum regulation of the room temperature and air humidity. Like a solid brick, clay absorbs the heat uniformly and dissipates it slowly. So LEMIX® stores heat in winter and provides protection against excessive heat in summer.