With the success story of the glass bottle in the 19th century leading to the decline in importance of products made of stoneware on the market, the needs of the moment called for the courage to take risks. Anton Hart, grandfather of the current company boss Anton Wolfgang Hart, recognized the signs of the times and, without further ado, switched his factory in Neukinsberg near Cheb over to other ceramic products.

Since 1884, Hart Keramik has been making machine-produced clay pipes, bricks and tiles and refractory clay products. In 1934, Anton Johann Hart, son of the company founder, took over the business from his father as company heir. However, the war years and the displacement of Germans from the Egerland region brought his business to an abrupt end. Despite this hard stroke of fate, the courage to make a fresh start was called for once again to ensure that the family-run company survived after all.

Tonwarenfabrik - HART Keramik

Clay plant HART in Neukinsberg in 1904

300 years of HART Keramik at one glance

1700 | Flasking in Kinsberg 1970 | PORTON Bricks
1845 | Plumber’s hut Marienbad 1978 | Internationalisation
1870 | Clay factory Anton Hart 1981 | Hafner fireclay
1892 | Gold medla of the city Eger 1994 | PORTON plant Schirnding II
1905 | 1. Stoneware factory Anton Hart 2001 | Plank brick generation
1926 Branch office Eger 2008 | W3G MULTIkeram
1947 | Brick factory Waldsassen 2011 | Plant III Schirnding
1956 | Brick factory Schirnding 2014 | Clay building board LEMIX®
1968 | Fireclay chimneys 2017 | Clay building board LEMIX® 2.0

More than 80 years – Plant Waldsassen

The current administration site in Waldsassen began as Ziegelwerk Waldsassen AG in 1928. The emerging economic miracle delivered strong growth and economic recovery. The brick and clay works in Schirnding was incorporated into the company and the first modern tunnel kiln was soon put into operation in Waldsassen.

The drive to be the technology leader and the focus on the development of new products and sales activities ensured that the company enjoyed continued success. In 1977, the current company boss, Anton Wolfgang Hart, joined the business as executive officer and was appointed to the position of CEO one year later. True to the entrepreneurial virtues of his predecessors, he has been responsible right up to the present day for a host of new technological developments, key product innovations and bold investments in the future.

New products have been added. One example includes the modern ceramic flue liner systems for chimneys, which were developed with a particular focus on eco-friendliness and energy saving. Or the development and production in recent years of clay building boards, with which HART KERAMIK has become the market leader in Germany.

Today, HART Keramik AG’s production is concentrated exclusively in the four plants in Schirnding.

HART Keramik Historie

Plant Waldsassen 1928