The new LEMIX® clay building board is the green alternative for drywall construction. It is the first clay building board to comply with the new guidelines of the German Association for Building with Earth (Dachverband Lehm e.V.) issued in 2017. This means that HART Keramik AG will be strengthening its position as the market leader in clay building boards in Germany even further in future.

LEMIX Lehmbauplatte

Wholesame dry construction

The LEMIX® clay building board combines the advantages of modern, modular drywall construction with the outstanding engineering characteristics of clay as a natural building material. It neutralizes air pollutants, e.g. VOCs and absorbed odors. It regulates the air humidity and is immune to mold, so it provides a healthy climate inside the home which has no equal. Clay is also an ideal heat accumulator and regulator.

Applications for the clay building board

LEMIX® clay building boards are ideally suitable for the paneling of interior walls, timber post and beam structures, drywall constructions, suspended ceilings and all loft conversion work. They can also be used to optimum effect as plaster boards or as facing panels.

They can be used in timber-framed buildings, in concrete and masonry buildings and for renovation projects.

Further information can be found on the website: www.lemix.eu