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Successful BAU 2017 for HART Keramik

For Hart Keramik AG from Waldsassen/ Schirnding, the recently finished BAU show in Munich was a special success right from the very start. After the opening by Federal Building Minister Barbara Hendricks of the international trade fair, featuring 2,100 exhibitors from 45 countries, the stand of the medium-sized manufacturer of construction materials at the show was visited by the politician as part of her two hour tour of the event [...]


Waldsassen/Schirnding (prs). – Ceramic chimney flue liners, together with firebricks for stove building and LEMIX® clay building boards are the main areas of business of Hart Keramik AG from Waldsassen/Schirnding. Exports are particularly important in this business segment, now accounting for more than 50 percent of business according to information from this tradition-steeped manufacturer of construction materials. [...]

Clay climate

Clay is a high-performance and cost-effective building material that is above all healthy for the home at the same time. With exceptional characteristics: it is breathable, moisture regulating, heat insulating, absorbs harmful substances, sound insulating, energy saving, healthy for the home… What is most interesting of all is its effect on the room climate. [...]