Ceramic flue liners are the best lasting value material for exhaust gas systems. They are absolutely resistant to corrosion and therefore offer an extremely long service life.

Keramikrohre - HART Keramik

Ceramic flue liners offer excellent resistance to acids. This means that normal condensates do not cause any damage. The flue liners are also resistant to vapor containing chlorine, solvents and other harmful substances in the combustion air. In tests according to DIN EN 1457, it has been demonstrated that HART ceramic flue liners have a service life of at least 100 years.

Ceramic flue liners are fired at a temperature of over 1100°C, which means that they have already “been through the fire” before being installed. In accordance with DIN EN 1457 our ceramic flue liners are resistant to soot fires, temperature and moisture. They are made of natural raw materials and can therefore be recycled without any problem at the end of their life cycle. They provide a safe means of discharging the combustion gases from fireplaces over many decades.

  • Ceramic flue liners insulate sound transmission from the heating system in the home by virtue of their weight.
  • Ceramic flue liners possess high mechanical strength and extreme wear resistance, which also contribute to ensuring a long service life.
  • Ceramic flue liners are environmentally-friendly, can be recycled and therefore returned to the material cycle:
  • Ceramic flue liners do not need to be connected to lighting protection systems.
  • Ceramic flue liners enable the use of regenerative energies, for example pellets or straw.
  • Ceramic flue liners have been proving their worth in millions of chimneys for decades – a building product could not provide a better reference.



MULTIkeram – Spigot & socket liners

  • Very thin-walled ceramic flue liners, length up to 1 m
  • Circular cross-sections from 120 mm to 300 mm
  • Particularly suitable for “W3G systems”, as required for pellet-fired heating systems and heating systems fired by hogged wood or grain, as well as the refurbishment of old buildings
  • Universal ceramic flue liners for all modes of operation and types of fuel

Download: MULTIkeram delivery program (2.064 KB)

HART Keramik AG - Keramikrohr

MULTIkeram Muffenrohr mit Rauchrohranschluss


CLASSIC – Flue liners, circular, square and rectangular

  • The ceramic flue liner for the “classic” triple-layer insulated chimney
  • Circular cross-sections from 120 mm to 400 mm
  • Square cross-sections from 140/140 mm to 400/400 mm
  • Rectangular cross-sections available on request
HART Keramik AG - Klassik Keramikrohr


AT – Flue liners

AT – Flue liners

  • Dry-pressed refractory clay flue liners with increased soot fire resistance
  • Particularly suitable for solid fuels with exhaust gas temperatures up to 600°C
  • Circular cross-sections of 160 mm, 180 mm and 200 mm
HART Keramik AG - AT Keramikrohre

AT-Rohr Baulänge 33 cm

Declaration of Performance / CE Mark of Conformity / Certification

Classification according to European standards

All our ceramic flue liners are manufactured and marked in accordance with the European DIN EN 1457 standard. Production is certified and is monitored by OFI CERT, OFI Technologie & Innovation GmbH, 1030 Vienna.