Ziegelmantelsteine - HART Keramik

Ceramic outer wall for system chimneys are blocks for the clay/ceramic outer walls of chimney systems in accordance with DIN EN 13069:2005. Clay as a material offers many advantages compared to other materials when it comes to the outer walls of a chimney. It is not affected by high temperatures – after all, it has already been fired at a temperature over 1000°C.

Furthermore, HART ceramic outer wall for system chimneys:

  • Provide high airtightness even without any additional layers of plaster, which is important for air and exhaust gas systems and for blower door certification of the building.
  • Good insulation characteristics provide a better chimney draft and ensure that the proper distance from combustible building materials is achieved
  • No moisture-related expansion/shrinkage, reduces the risk of cracks developing in the building
  • High compressive strength permits use on high buildings
  • Uniform plaster base in masonry buildings

HART ceramic outer wall for system chimneys are produced in various dimensions as single duct units and single duct units with air ducts. Multiple duct chimneys can be built by building up several blocks of the ceramic outer wall for system chimneys in a row together. Choice of 50 mm and 70 mm wall thicknesses.

All HART ceramic outer wall for system chimneys have a fire resistance time of LA 90 in accordance with DIN 18160-60.